Weaver Global Resources is an energy company that has a defined: two-tiered corporate vision. First, the targeting of oil and gas leases for acquisition and development within the realm of exploration and production. Next, the pursuit: acquisition, funding and support of our industry servicing affiliate, WT, LLC, now owners of a fully operational oil and gas servicing company, based out of south Texas. Thus giving us, and our partners, a two tiered hedged approach to both our short and long term goals for the future in energy. Originally founded in early 2011, Weaver LLC was transformed to accommodate our staff of geology, land and operations. With the addition of an in house P.h.D. Geologist, as well as key staff, our team; with these goals, can see no limit to its opportunities and future. Weaver Global Resources has three core beliefs with Excellence, Integrity and Faith.

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Oil and Gas investments are speculative, involve a high degree of risk and dilution, and should be purchased solely by those persons who can afford to lose their entire investment. Nothing herein shall be construed as tax, legal, or accounting advice. This is for information purposes only and is not intended to be a solicitation of any kind. Oil prices are subject to change.